Salus_no-Solvere-Masterpiece Living copyOur signature wellness philosophy powered by Masterpiece Living® 

Unlock the keys to successful aging through our innovative wellness initiative.

Salus (SAL-us), noun. Latin for “well-being.”

Salus is our trademark wellness philosophy, a holistic approach that focuses on each resident’s potential to achieve his or her personal goals through engagement and connection.

In addition to the services and amenities of the community, the Salus philosophy is integrated throughout every aspect of the community. Residents will find no shortage of activities, programs, and ways to connect with others to sustain or improve their health and well-being. Residents, their families, and staff alike are encouraged to use their unique talents and professional skills through our signature Salus programs.

The Four Components of Wellness

Salus takes a comprehensive approach that concentrates on the 4 Components of WellnessFour Components of Wellness, each one a critical element of creating a path to meaningful living.

1. Physical: Living a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and proper nutrition as a means to stay strong, flexible, and limit disease and disability
2. Social: Strengthening existing connections with family and friends and developing new relationships to stay connected to the community
3. Intellectual: Stimulating minds through participation in lifelong learning initiatives and challenging, creative programs
4. Spiritual: Continuing lifelong search for purpose and meaning through faith-based involvement, volunteerism and service, and enjoying meaningful pastimes

To age successfully requires a physically active and mentally stimulating lifestyle, strong social engagement, an environment that supports your unique goals, and – perhaps most importantly – a sense of purpose and meaning.

Salus, powered by Masterpiece Living®, equips residents with the tools they need to meet these goals.

Masterpiece Living®

Salus is powered by Masterpiece Living®, a cutting-edge companyMasterpiece Logo that emerged from the groundbreaking 10-year MacArthur Foundation research around successful aging.  Wellness programs at the country’s most visionary and successful senior living communities are built on the Masterpiece Living® platform, which has transformed the way we view aging science and is designed to keep residents feeling engaged, honored, and fulfilled.

Residents and their families receive personalized reports and mobility reviews to track health progress over time. They also gain peace of mind knowing everyone’s goals are being met.

An individual’s aging journey is dictated by their actions and attitude. Salus gives participants measurement tools to become more aware of the impact of everyday lifestyle choices, and gain a clear path to meeting their goals.

Our programs for residents, supported by more than 650 hours of scientific development, support a successful culture through engagement, socialization, and physical and mental stimulation. And because residents and staff help to customize these programs, each of the community’s events and activities are continually evolving and unique.

In addition to programming, tracking, and road maps, both residents and families gain access to the secure Masterpiece Living website, filled with exclusive information and content.

Experience an engaging staff

All levels of management – from housekeeping and dining to wellness – are encouraged to engage with residents and form a true community. Staff at every Solvere community are empowered to share their own unique talents and slow down to take the time to get to know each person, and positively impact and monitor the health, well-being, and safety of the residents.

Valeo: Signature Wellness Philosophy for Memory Care

Valeo_ColorWithin our Salus by Solvere philosophy, our Valeo programming focuses specifically on wellness for those with memory impairments. Valeo, Latin for “to thrive”, honors those with memory impairments with the same respect and dignity as other older adults by focusing on legacy specifically as it relates to the four components of wellness.

The Valeo philosophy engagement comes to life through our signature programs. These programs include our Create and Compose program which allows residents to actively experience the arts and music, our personalized Legacy Kits designed to embrace the past lives of our residents and integrate them into their present lives, and our Travel Times program that brings travel destinations to life in our dementia neighborhoods.