Valeo Signature Programs

Signature memory-care programs for enriched, healthy living.

Every person’s life experiences and needs are unique, so our programs are adapted to the individual. We assess each resident’s interests and abilities, then build a personalized approach to create moments of joy.

Each resident’s legacy and intellect is honored through our Valeo signature programs, which increase awareness, cognition and engagement; stimulate pleasant long-term memories; provide joy and pleasure; and decrease anxiety and agitation.

Respecting legacy is the core of Valeo. Our signature programs tap into the individual’s past and call upon and preserve their memories – not only for the individual, but for the entire family.

We believe that a life can continue to be fulfilling and engaging for individuals with memory impairments. Our programs respect the intellect and experience of residents and develop programming around their hobbies and interests.

Some of our Valeo signature programs include:

Create and Compose  Create_&_Compose

Art and music draw residents away from daily concerns and take them on a journey of self-expression, while helping them relive fond memories. Residents enjoy painting, drawing, and sculpture and will both listen to and play music in a unique program that capitalizes on the therapeutic benefits of art. Neurological research also shows that creating art and listening to music can improve cognitive function, helping the brain actively compensate for changes in function that are often associated with aging and memory impairments. Art also helps residents relax, reduces anxiety, provides socialization, and fosters a stronger sense of identity.

Legacy KitsLegacy Kit

Residents and their families create a treasure chest of specific items that are familiar and meaningful and reflect aspects of their identity. The items have specific historical relevance to the individual’s life experiences, special interests and association with important people or life events. The kits and their contents provide a means to fun and meaningful interactions with each resident that connects them to their past and creates special moments of reminiscence that can be used to enhance their quality of life in the present. Legacy Kits are used by both caregivers and family members in an ongoing basis to foster positive interactions and active meaningful engagement with residents.

Travel TimesTravel Times

The very act of getting away—physically or even mentally—relaxes the mind, renews the soul and opens us to new opportunities and ways of seeing. Continuing to facilitate the travel experience for individuals who have been diagnosed with dementia often provides pleasure, connection and intellectual stimulation while triggering memories and offering an escape from the day-to-day.

Creature ComfortsCreature_Comforts_color

There’s no denying the bond between humans and animals. While a tactile experience, pets offer therapeutic benefits, too: comfort, enjoyment, and socialization. Research also shows how bonding with animals can lead to health improvement, such as lowering blood pressure and rates of heart disease, reducing stress, and even decreasing anxiety and depression. Creature Comforts is a pet program that brings gentle animals into the community – whether dog, cat, bird, fish, amphibian or reptile – to interact with residents. It’s also a perfect time for residents to show pictures of past pets, or recall memories of their own animal experiences – all in the name of creating a positive impact on the intellectual, social, physical and spiritual well-being of every person.


Routines provide daily structure and a sense of purpose to those with memory impairments…but how can you turn such everyday tasks into enjoyable experiences? VITA! takes the seemingly routine activities of daily living and makes them a pleasant, memorable action. Led by the community’s wellness team, VITA! programs may include trivia, brain teasers, singing songs, meaningful conversation, and exercise, all while paying attention to self-care. The result: daily “to-do’s” become moments of joy, creating positive moods and enhancing quality of life. For residents living with dementia and other memory impairments, VITA! practices help to calm and bring a sense of peace and focus to the activity of the moment by creating a pleasant event that improves both physical and cognitive function. Taking time to be fully engaged and mindfully present for the basic tasks of each day is important not only for the individual, but equally so for team members.